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Ancient Rome



The other form to call the colossuem is The Flavian Amphitheater, this structure was dedicated for the titus emperor. This was made in the 70 AD but was finished after 5 years.

The colosseum used corinthian columns on each floor and here could be seated 50,000 spectators, and has 80 entrances. This structure was used for the games where gladiator figth with another gladiator or animal.

The colosseum has a diferent type of columns on each floor:
-- Doric on the Bottom
-- Ionic on the middle
-- Corinthian on the top

The arena floor was filled with water, and sea battles were fought by gladiators.Underneath the sand there was a maze of corridors and machinery to help transport animals used in the gladitorial games.

In th colosseum a large portion near of the top and the decorative material have been destroyed and andalized.Were destroyed the earthquakes, lightning.


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