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Ancient Rome

The Ara Pacis


The Altar of Augustan Peace (ara pacis) is made with marble, is a big structure its measures are of Heigth: 6.1 m, length: north south 11.63 and west- east 10.52m

This altar was built to commemorate Augusts return from the provinces of Gaul and Spain. The wanted with this structure to give thanks for the victories in this cities. It was built on the Field of mars in the north of Rome, was comisioned by the senate in 13 BC, but in 9 BC it was finished .

The Ara Pacis was used to make sacrifices on it but only yearly.

In the different sides of this altar is representing something, For instant:

On the left panel we can see a female figure who personifies the fertility of the earth, with two nymphs symbolising air and water.


This scene represents the three elements of the world under Roman power.

On the south side it includes Augustus together with the members of the imperial family.


On the north we can see senators, members of religious fraternities, children, magistrates and women.

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