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Art History
Post- Impressionism

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The POST IMPRESSIONISM was a French art movement, was a revolutionary period of new forms of painting that came after the Impressionism. This movement didnt have only one style, in this period were developed a lot of techniques, between 1880 and 1905.

The most important post- impressionists were Vincent Van Gogh,, Georges Seurat, Paul Cezanne, Henri Toulouse- Lautrec and Paul Guaguin.

Vincent Van Gogh

He used to paint landscapes, still life of flowers and self portraits using the technique of choppy and /or wavy brushtrokes


Georges Seurat

He used to paint the leisure activities in Paris.All his paintis was made with the techinique neme the puntillism with a lot of tiny dots.


Paul Cezzane

He worked withn the technique squarish brushtrokes, usuallly he was panteing bathers, landscapes and the still life or fruit


Paul Gauguin

He used to paint nayives from Tahiti, the main characteristics of his paintings are the Bright, unnatural colors and/or strong outlines


Henri Toulouse Lautrec

He painted tha night life in Paris, in the cabarets. He used to paint cropped figures with dull colors in posters.


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