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Art History

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The meaning of renaissance is rebirth. The renaissance start in 1400 in Florence Italy, other counties the Renaissance spared where Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain and England.
During the Renaissance the Greece and Roman art was rediscovered, and too other kinds of things in their culture, like the literature, science and how to reproduce the human body.
During the Renaissance period they studied the human body, the anatomy.

The High Renaissance between 1500 and 1520 was when the exploration of new continents take place, and the artist was famous.
During the Renaissance they start to use the oil on Canvas.
Some techniques that were used: Chiaroscuro, the vanishing point (about perspective) and the pyramid configuration.
The vanishing point is a single point where all lines come together to see the paint as 3D.
Chiaroscuro mean light/dark. It is the technique that makes the lighter parts appear from a dark area to a an illusion of rounded relief in a flat surface.

A lot of Italian Renaissance have pyramid configuration which is to have the center as the climax, as the paint where you fows.
The first tree important Renaissance artists were Mossacio, Donatello and Boticelli.
Mossacio, he was the first to paint the human figure in a real way, as a human being.
Donatello, he was to make a real size nude sculpture since the classical period.
Boticelli, he was the first to paint nude people since the Greek and Roman mythology.

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