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Art History
Baroque Art

Rococo Art


"St. Peters Plaza"

St. Peters Plaza was designed in 1637 by Bernini. The people went to hear Peters messages, it has the shapes of elipse and trapezoide. Obelisk is not a circular column , it has four sides. There are 284 columns in Tuscan order. Benini want the rows of columns to symbolize arms of St. Peter.


"Palace of Versailles"

Louis XIV , a French king decided to move the kings court from Paris to Versailles. The type of the building at Versailles before it became a palace was Hunting lodge in 1624. There are hundred of them rooms, 20 000 people served, 4000 servants lived in the palace.
This French king gave a particular nickname himself Roi Soleil Sun King. The hall of mirrors have seventeen large mirrors, the reflection of the sunlight off these mirrors represent the glittering splendor of Louis his court. The Hall of mirrors were used for war and Peace Salons.


"St. Pauls Cathedral"

The most important Baroque architect in England was Christopher Wren. An terrible success , The Great fire, it destroy 2/3 parts of the city London in 1666.The English architect redesigned 51churches that were burned down. St. Pauls Cathedral was the first to be build for the protestant in England. The columns arranged on the outside of this church was in pairs. St. Peters is the biggest in the world, and Pauls the second. 40 years it took to build this beautiful cathedral


"Pluto and Proserpina"

Gian Lorenzo Bernini made this sculpture. Pluto is the god of the underworld, and Proserpina is the daughter of the Earth goddess ceres, she had to live fall and winter in th underworld because she had eaten Plutos pomegranate. According to the myth we have fall and winter because ceres mourns and nature dies, and we have spring and fall because spring and summer return when Proserpina rejoins her mother. This sculpture represent the most violent moment in the myth. The position of the bodies are flowing hair and beard echo the rippling motion of the body surface and reinforce the sense of action, like violence.



Bernini an Italian artist made this sculpture. Sling in Spanish means Honda, the sculptur has sling on the right. David was getting ready to kill Goliath in this sculpture. Some diference about David, Donatellos and Mmichelangos sculptures are : in Donatellos David is relaxed, in Bernini he is leaning to his right and Michelangelos Davis is watchin Goliath dead and Bernini , he is getting ready to kill him.


The calling of St. Matthew

Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, an Italian artist made this painting. You can seen Christ and the apostle walking into the room, the men and boys are counting money around the table, Matthew is sitting down at the center of the table. When Christ points to him , he indicated Follow me. The coin in the mans hat represent the preoccupation of money. The future of Matthew was service Christ. This painting has sharp contrast of light and dark, this technique is Tenebrism.


"Judith Slaying Holofernes"

Italian artist, Artemisa Gentilesch made this painting, that is from Judah a book of the bible. The king Nebuchadnezzar want Holofernes destroy Judah, Judith was a widow, her husband dead. She and her servant went to the camp of Holofernes, when she arrived gets him and helped. Tassi was her art teacher. They torture her with thumbscrews before they decided that Tassi was guilty. The female artist usually make paintings of rape woman.


"Belshazzars Feast"

Rembrandt made this painting, he was from Holanda. The man in the middle of the painting is Belshazzars Feast , he was killed in the night, and he had a look of fear on his face. This artist did more than one hundred paintings.

ROCOCO ART (the final part of tha baroque)

Rococo means lock and shell, was born in Paris France in 1723-1774.The themes of Rococo paintings was the Bourgeoisie.

Here the painters used ihn some paintings the tenebrism, the kind of the people that were depicted are Upper middle class and bourgeosie, they used to paint the people clothes with pastel colors like green, blue, orange, yellow.

Some musicians and other important people from this period were Vivaldi , Mozart , Wolfgang, Johann Sebastian Bach, Franz Joseph H. Important Rococo painters were Antoine Watteaw, Jean-Honor Fragonar, Bocelli.


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