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Post- impressionism

Paul Gauguin

He was other important painter of the Post. Impressionism, he was born in June 1848 in Paris France, he development a new method of representation of the art, that was a very important fact for 20th- century.

1876 was a year so important in his artistic life because one of his painting was accepted for an annual exhibition,
He was living and working in the South Pacific in a place name Tahiti, he used to paint people would originate of this country, this was around 1891.

He began to work with many important painters,in that moment impressionists like Pissarro and Cezzane, he spent holidays making paintings with his new friends.

He was invited to participate in a lot of exhibitions and this invitations repeated year after year. But he had a big problem with his family , because he became more and more absorbed by painting, he lost his job, no one would buy his paintings and he decided to paint every day, this decition changed all his life.


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