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Post- impressionism

Henri Toulouse Lautrec

He was a French artist who observed the night life in Paris, but didnt obresrved simply the nigth life he apreciated more than that, he observed the personalities, the facets and psychological insight of the people to the nigth life.

He was born in November 24, 1864 in Albi France.

His most powerfuls works werent painting about landscapes or something like that, were posters about the night life in Paris, cabarets an balerinas.

But he didnt do anly posters he did more than 300 lithographs produced 10 years before hid death.

Were an album of 11 prints "Le Caf Concert" in 1893; 16 lithographs of the entertainer Yvette Guilbert in1894; and a series of 22 illustrations for Jules Renard's Les Histoires naturelles in 1899.

In 1891 Toulouse did his first poster, "Moulin Rouge--La Goulue." This poster won increasing his fame. "My poster is pasted today on the walls of Paris," the artist declared.

After his first poster's exibition ho only could do 30 posters approximatey,that in a period of 10 yearse because in 1901 he died, because of the alcohol.


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