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Post- impressionism

George Seurat

He was born in december 2, 1859, in Paris France, he was a painter and funder of the 19th-century French school of Neo-Impressionism. This school was based in a singular technique named Pointillism, the maen of this word is that in this technique are use a lots of littles of tiny dots.

In 1878, something very important in Seurats life was that he descovered a book that was to inspire him for the rest of his life: ; "Essay on the Unmistakable Signs of Art", by Humbert de Superville.

He was interested all above in the topic of art including the intellectual and scientific bases of art. He didint do only paints, he made around 40 sketches and 500 draws approximately.During many years he participated in a lot exhibitions, the most of the times he exhibited landscapes. Since he went to the military service, he used to draw landscapes about the sea, beaches and boats, some years after was the titles of some of his paitings.

Hi died in 1891 in Paris France.


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