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Post- impressionism

Paul Cezanne

He was the oldest and one of the greatest Post- impressionists, he was born in January 19, 1829 in France, many part of his work and ideas were influenced principally by Cubism, this was and art movement that develoment in the 20 th century.
He used to paint landsacapes, still life of fruit and bathers, he was called the father of the modern art.

The Cezzanes father was a banker and he determinated that his son should study the same carreer and Cezzan entered in the law school but some years later he decided that he wants to study something related with art. He want an artistic profession, time later he was able to convince his father to allow it to study painting in Paris.

In 1897 Paul Cezzane painted one of his most famous painting named "Mont Sainte-Victoire, seen from the Bibemus Quarry," caused to his numerous studies in that Province.
In October 22, 1906 Paul Cezzane died in Aix en Province in France.


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