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Art History
Art analysis

Art Analysis Vocabulary List

Symmetry: its when the picture had two sides , and the sides are the same.

Asymmetrical Balance: It is when two parts arenīt perfect similar or symmetry but have a blanace bettween this two sides.

Hatching: are paraller lines that makes seems an object to be tridimentional.

Cross-Hatching: its when two hatching lines intersect.
Perspective: it's another technique to make appear a tridimensionalobjet

Contour: the outlines of the shapes

Geometric Shapes: Regular shapes,like a square,circle, triangle

Biomorphic Shapes: Irregular shapes, draw.

Primary colors: The principal colors are yellow, red and blue.

Secondary Colors: When two primary colors are combine.

Intermediate Colors: When you mix a primary and secondary colors.

Complementary Colors: The colors which are opposite side.

Analogous Hues: This combination produces a feeling of color armony.

Chromatic: Are the ones have color

Achromatic: the ones have not color.

Monochromatic: A single color

Idealized: representing a idea of a figure ideal.

Nonrepresentational: Doesnt represent a real objects.

Abstract: represent something but you cant seen.

This paint has:
-- Secondary colors
-- Contur



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