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Art History
Middle Ages

This stylies were developed in the fifth century


(exterior) SAN VITALE (interior)



This style was originated in eastern, the name of the Bizantine style comes is Bizantium this is a roman city.

Another roman city is Ravenna, this was occupied by the Ostrogoths and in the reign of Byzantine Emperor Justinian, in this same city we can found the basilica San Vitale, this basilica is made like differents materials: outside have gold and inside with marble but is decorated with mosaics.

Who is Justinian ? He was an emperor that made the Eastern Roman Empire strong was art artistic prominence and political. In a mosaic the artist put in the heads of Teodora and Justinian a halo this represent somthing like spiritual powers that they supposed to have.



This is a basilica that is in Constantinople. Thise basilica is found in Istanbul a city in Turkey .Th means of Hagia Saphia is Holy Wisdom. This was the personal church of Emperor.

Gold was the material used a lot in the mosaics of the basilica. The color and ligh was reflected originally by mosaics, because had a lot of windos around the bottom of the dome were forty.

Common people had to stay in the galleries and in the aisles too.

There is a mosaic of Christ in the Hagia Sophia and Justinian thought he was the earthly representative of Christ. Minarets were added to the outside of the building by the Turks.



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