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Art History

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The impressionism started in Paris, Frence. This movement was developed between 1860s and 1900s. The artist of this period used to paint the evry day activities and landscapes, because they were very interesting in the way of weathet, times of day, or seasons affected light and color,for them were important the shadows painted with dark tones and reflections. The Impresionists always got together in Bohemian cafes, because they liked to paint outdoors.

The characteristics of this great art movement are:

1.-Blurring (makes effects of movement)
2.-Silhouett (is a shadow)
3.-Cropped View ( When you can not see the whole person)
4.-Zigzag construcction (when you can a paint in angle not straight)5.-Close up (like a zoom)
6.-Aerial View (when you can see the paintings from many points, from avobe)

The impresionism was not accepted at its beginning by the French Academy.



The Impresionists were:


Monet..painted about water and waterlilies
Pissarro..Painted about parisian strets
Renoir..Painted about girls and peoplo scenes
Cassatt..Painted about motern and children
Edgar Degas..Painted about ballerinas and unhappy every life scenes

Rodin.. made sculpures with bronce.

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