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Art History
Mexican Colonial Art

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The Spanish colonial art and architecture take place in 16th early 19th century. The three religious orders that constructed a lot of convents during 16th were Augustinian, Franciscan and Dominican. Baroque was the style predominant during 17th and 18th. A new style was introduced to Mexico called Churringueresque during 18th.Ultrabaroque is the style of the Cathedral in Mexico City, it was called in that way because it uses contrast like curves and angles violently and richly columns, entablatures with patterns using light and shade.

Franciscan: arrived to Mexico in 524, Xochimilco and Huejotzingo are Franciscan convents in Puebla.

Dominican: arrived in 525 , in Oaxaca are the most of the Dominican convents found. Tepotztln in Morelos.

Augustinians: arrived in 533 , the name of one convent is Acolman

The Spanish came to Mexico and they taught the Mexican natives in terms of art the European art, paintings and building techniques. The different between Mexican Baroque and European Baroque was that the Mexican Baroque used a lot of red and blue colors in their art work.

Baltasar de Echave Orio(the elder) and Alonso Vazquez was important artist from the 16th to 17th century ,Jose Ibarra and Miguel Cabrera in the 18th century.

Mexican colonial Painters

Juan Correa --- La Asuncin
Luis Jurez--- Angel de la Guarda
Pedro RamrezLas lgrimas de San Pedro.
Cristbal de VillalpandoLa Aparicin de San Miguel.

Baltasar de Echave the elder was born in Zumaya in the end of 16th century, he died in Mxico about 17th C. He worked in San Carlos Academy, you can find his paintings in this academy, The visitation, The adoration of tree Magicians, The adoration in the Garden.

Juan Correa made a lot of paintings during 18th C. His paintings has delicated composition, the expression of the figures and their perspective. The color was not good in his paintings. You can find his paintings in the Cathedral of Mexico City.

Luis Juarez was born in the 16th C. and he died in 1650.he was good in the color and the soft of their brush, he wasnt good about the design. His painting keep in the academy of San Carlos. Aparition of the Infant Jesus to San Antonio.

Cristobal Villalpando he was born in 1645 and died in 1714. He produced his best paintings in 1690 and 1710. His painting are in the Church of the Profesor in Mexico. One of the recurring themes in his painting are the Arcangels.

Jose Ibarra from Mexico City( 1688-1756). He was famous for the richness of his color, the subjects of his paintings was Religious, allegorical pictures.

Miguel Cabrera was born in Oaxaca in 1750. you can find his works of art in Puebla and Mexico. He painted in the church of Tasco The life of the Virgin.

The Academy of San Carlos was founded in 1785 , Neoclassicism was taught in this academy, like prehispanic, Idealized, history and privilegeo people. They painted history painting, landscape, traiture, geme( pic of daily life) and still life.

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