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Art History

Romanesque & Gothic Churches




Shape of a cross (inside)
Fresco painting
Bell tower
Round arches
Sculpture in Relief
Not many windows


Rose windows
Shape of across (inside and outside)
Two light towers
Pointed arches
Flying buttresses
Long, almost sculpture in the round
Lots of windows
Stained Glass (inside)

In the Romanesque period of
the Middle Ages were made many
churches because when the people
were in the pilgrimages, they need
to rest and for that reason many churches
made during that period.

Fresco Painting was used in Romanesque
churches that are made in the walls after
the plaster is there but the plaster had
to be fresh.

In the Gothic churches was a used
rose window, thats represent the twelve apostles.
The long, almost sculpture in the round
usually represent the saints.


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